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  Within the wire knitting community, Golden Knitted Wire Mesh Factory is considered to be a leader in China in the supply and processing of knitted wire mesh, knitted wire filters, breathers, eliminators, gaskets, compressed knitted wire mesh and series knitted wire products.                                                  more...
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Knitted mesh is made of either crochet or knitting of various wire materials including stainless steel, copper, synthetic fiber and other materials.

Knitted wire mesh products are applied to those applications including cryogenic, high temperature, corrosive atmosphere, heat conductive, high usage, or special service applications.

  Knitted wire mesh gaskets are made from stainless steel wire materials which offer good corrosion resistance against acid and alkali.

It can be supplied in rolls, tube or cut forms.
Material available: Stainless steel wire, galvanized iron wire, red copper wire, phosphor bronze wire, nickel wire, polyamide fiber, polyester fiber, F46 fiber, metal wire and mixed fiber, etc.
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  Knitted wire mesh fabric can be processed into compressed or pad forms to allow liquid or gas flowing through. The special knitting increases filtration capability and particle retention capacity of the wire mesh fabrics.
Knitted Wire Materials Available:
Stainless steel wire, copper wire, nickel wire, galvanized iron wire, phosphor bronze wire, polyamide fiber.
  Knitted wire mesh filter is a kind of compressed wire mesh filter elements providing a random flow and filtration effects.

Supplied in the form of airbag filters, knitted wire mesh assures that the heat and contaminants do not compromise during inflation.

PTFE Demister Pad, Non Metal

PTFE knitted mesh pad for pilot large scale energy storage system.
Materials: PTFE/PVDF. No metal is used.
Size: OD 68 mm
Thick: 50 mm

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Knitted (Metal) Mesh Demister Pad

Processed in square or round pad/panel filter forms. Metal knitted meshes include stainless steel AISI304, 304L, 316, 316L, copper, monel, nickel and other alloys.

Knitted Mesh Pads Popular Specification to USA:
Material: s/s 304
Diameter 58mm * 75mm long.
Density 160kg/m3
Surface area 320m2/m3.
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SS 304 Knitted Mesh Pad


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